Monday, March 02, 2009

Symptoms vs. Systems

A reader asked if there was a link between LSD use by parents and autism in their children.

I typed LSD and autism into ,and got 8 hits, 2 of which had nothing directly related to the question, 4 that were published before 1975, and only 2 that were even remotely recent, and they didn't directly address the question, which lead me to conclude that we really don't know.

His question, however, opens up a, veritable, pandora's box of follow up questions, most obvious, to me, at least, is, Why don't we know?, followed by, What do we know?, followed by, What role does the media play in all this?

The first question is for another day. I'm going to try to narrow the focus on the other two by jumping to a highly volatile, emotionally charged, question about autism, namely what role, if any, vaccinations play in autism. I realize it's a jump from LSD and autism to vaccines and autism, but I do think it can better illustrate how things get convoluted.

In order to get your mitts around this, you need to go back to the late 90's, when an English doctor named Andrew Wakefield got his study linking the MMR Measles, Mumps and Rubella triple vaccine to autism published in the Lancet.

Long story short, his research was later found to be totally corrupt.(1)

Fast forward a few years and The New England Journal of Medicine publishes a study "proving" that mercury in vaccines plays no role in autism.

This study was also later found to be just as hopelessly corrupt. (2)

So, you now have dueling studies, each claiming the opposite, published in what are, argueably, the two most prestigious, peer reviewed medical journals in the western world, that are both bogus.

If you can't trust the New England Journal of Medicine or the Lancet, who can you trust?

This still leaves the question unanswered. Is there a link between mercury laden vaccines and autism?

Autism is not a single cause disorder. It is systemic, and the factors present vary by individual. But there are some consistencies that do show up fairly often. People with autism tend to have low levels of glutathione, which is a key detoxifier in the body, particularly of metals. They also have a higher than normal incidence of inflamed bowels. Up to 95% of autistic kids have intestinal problems.(3) This is akin to having a car with a bad exhaust system that sends carbon monoxide back into the car. There's a condition called leaky gut, which is pretty much, as it sounds. Waste material leaks out of the digestive system back into the body.

Now, thimerosol laden vaccines can put 187.5 ug/kg of mercury into a childs body, when the EPA lists .5ug/kg as the safe limit.(4) You tell me. You overload an at risk person's body like that, what do you think the result will be?

Granted, not everyone's at risk. Check your child's glutathione levels. Hair analysis can give you an indication whether they are excreting mercury. Have a stool sample done to determine gut permeability, flora balance and for fungal infestation before you allow them to be vaccinated. And if your school district pressures you, get a lawyer.

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